Bayou to Bay Watershed Project

The mission of Bayou to Bay is to improve the health of children and local waterways. Through education, action, and play, communities in Northwest Louisiana will learn to care about what it means to be "downstream," one watershed at a time!

About B2B Watershed Project

What began as a natural attraction and curiosity has turned into deep caring and connection... 

Shreveport is a river city located in the northwest corner of Louisiana. Through wondering and exploring where our bayous, ditches, and storm drains go, we have discovered that like these waterways, our own health depends on everything living upstream and downstream from here. Said another way, we are as healthy as our watershed. Furthermore, we have discovered that people having direct contact to their local waterbodies have an easier time recognizing this connection. To that end, we have organized our efforts in the following way -- 

The Bayou to Bay Team consists of educators and community members. We meet regularly in our working groups, Watershed Education, Community Action, and Program Foundation. Watershed Education group members are responsible for developing curricula for teacher workshops and their students and for scheduling school visits for our B2B participating schools. Community Action group members raise awareness and increase positive action in our watersheds. They help organize watershed cleanup and play days. The Program Foundation group is currently working on acquiring our 501(c)3 and secures funding and support for Bayou to Bay. If you’d like to help us achieve our mission at B2B, please visit the Community Action page to learn more.